Being Right – with God

The Need to be Right with Others

Being Right with God
Real Faith = Being Right with God

We all struggle somewhat with having the bragging privilege of being right with others. Being right makes us feel important, needed, necessary, and sometimes puts us in power. My husband says that he is never right so he often jokes making a big deal when I tell him that he is right. He will stop and insist everything and everyone around him must come to a halt while he asks me to repeat myself, loudly I might add, stating that he was right. Then he will tell me and anyone within hearing distance even a stranger to please note the time and date that he was right. It is hard to admit that we are wrong and someone else is right even if they are joking.

Allowing someone else to be right requires us to humble ourselves before them which is most likely the biggest issue we as humans have with letting someone else to be right. It gives importance and power to the person who is right and sometimes depending on whom that person is will often determine to what length we are willing to admit our mistakes. I know my husband is just joking and he does so out of love so it is not hard to admit most of the time when he is right. It is more difficult with others who do not have the same level of personal relationship with us. Allowing or trusting someone else to be right requires us to have faith in their rightness allowing them to have control over us.

When we speak of being right with God however we are not speaking of being right and wrong but being accepted, justified, and made free from guilt. There is only one way to have freedom, acceptance, and justification and that is with faith in God through Jesus Christ. This week’s focus verse is Romans 3:28

So we are made right with God through faith and not by obeying the law. (NLT)

The Need to be Right with God

Faith makes us right with God. It not only puts God in the right but makes us right with God as we must humble ourselves and admit that we cannot keep the law without help. We are all sinners and there is not one sin that God judges to be worse than another as they are all equal. When we realize this we recognize that we all need God no matter what sins man has determined are worse than others. Through our faith we form a relationship with God that is not based on our performance. There are no rituals that must completed, no requirements, or deeds to be done to have eternal life. Faith requires us to rid ourselves of our achieving pride and place God at the top of everything we do giving Him the credit and not ourselves.

Being right with God is not something that we can achieve alone as it is not humanly possible to make ourselves right with God. This is why the Law of Moses could not make us right. We cannot just follow the laws and think that will be the way to God. This is clearly stated in Acts 13:39;

Everyone who believes in him is declared right with God – something the law of Moses could never do. (NLT)

This is where faith in Christ comes in along with all that God has done for us. It is the acceptance that we cannot save ourselves without God’s help. I like what John MacArthur says about this, “The light comes from above not beneath”. We cannot offer our own light to salvation thorough deeds or other things we determine necessary to get ourselves right with God. It is only through our faith in Jesus Christ that we find forgiveness of our sins making us right with God. Faith provides the freedom we need to move forward, begin again, and become refreshed because we are right with God. Now that being said, we must take a look at faith closely to make sure that it is real faith that we have.

Being Right through Real Faith

Real faith comes from our relationship with God and our need and want to do His will. So if we have real faith then we have the strong desire to move into the paths that God’s will is directing us which is where we will find the deeds. The deeds are a need we have in us to please God because we want to not because of a requirement. James is known for his writing on the subject of faith and deeds as he says about faith in James 2:17 b

– Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. (NLT)

Deeds are not required but they show a commitment to God through our faith. I will not rehash deeds and faith discussed a few weeks ago but if you want more insight on my perspective regarding deeds and faith please see Good Deeds: Reflections of Faith. Having faith does not excuse us from doing the right thing it simply is giving over our total trust to God and humbling ourselves before Him to admit our mistakes and knowing that there is nothing we can do to make ourselves right with Him. Being right with God has to be on His terms and not ours as the light comes only from above.

When we have this type of faith, real faith, we will be right with God and He will see us through all circumstances as our trust is firmly placed in His rock of righteousness. There is a wonderful worship song entitled God My Rock written by Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche that speaks of putting your total trust in God and realizing it is only through Him that we can survive. People will always fail us because they are only human but God is always faithful. It is through Him we find the strength and joy of our life as He is always there even when we struggle with putting our faith totally in His care. Real faith is the only thing that will put us right with God and His promises of eternity which is a greater promise than the temporary power of importance of being right with man.

I pray all of us will be able to allow our real faith to show as we move forward this week and the weeks to come making each of us right with God.

Love in Christ,


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