The Right Time Is Now! WWJD? Compassion and Ministry Has No Limits

What is the Right Time?

Right TimeDo you wait for just the right time before you act upon something? What exactly is the right time and how do you know when it arrives? Is there a right time for everything? Do you run into problems when the right time happens at the same time as pressing issues occur? It seems that in our hurry-scurry world that we often miss the right time to act with compassion for others.

An ethics professor at Princeton Seminary proved it to his students. He started by asking for volunteers for an extra assignment. About half the class met him at the library to receive their assignments. The professor divided the students into three groups. He gave the first group envelopes telling them to proceed immediately across campus to Stewart Hall following the map given. The instructions told them they had 15 minutes and if they didn’t arrive on time, it would affect their grade.

A short time later he handed out envelopes to the second group. They were also to go over to Stewart Hall, but they had 45 minutes to arrive. The professor then gave the last group their instructions. They had 3 hours in which to arrive to Stewart Hall. None of the students were aware that the professor arranged with three drama students to meet each group along the way.

Does Drama Affect Your Reaction?

Near the beginning of the walk, one of the drama students had his hands on his head and was moaning aloud as if in great pain. About halfway to Stewart Hall, on the steps of the chapel, the seminary students passed a man who was lying face down as if unconscious. Finally, on the steps of Stewart Hall, the third drama student was acting out a seizure.

In the first group of students, those who only had 15 minutes to get across campus, not one student stopped to help any of the student actors. Only two students stopped to help in the second group. But in the last group of students, who had three hours for their assignment, every one of the students stopped to help at least one of the student actors. Clearly the professor showed the seminarians that if hurry is in the equation it hinders true ministry. You can’t find the right time to hold compassion and help others if your world is so packed that you can only see achieving your needs.

It seems we often lose the right time or become so focused on waiting for the right time that we can easily miss opportunities to properly show compassion or minister. This becomes a greater issue when we focus on our self and or our own achievements. When we focus on our hurry it hurts and hinders our ability to minister to others. If we focus on saving our own time we cannot make time for anyone outside of our self. But, if we focus on others and what they are going through, we find not only the time, but the right time to minister to them. God then recognizes us which is far greater than any human praise we may be rushing off to accomplish.

Honor Comes in Just the Right Time

God always knows the right time. He will honor us if we follow His will as His child. We don’t have to worry or get tied up on what other people think of us if we live our life for God and the pursuit of all that is Holy. Being Christlike all the time is always just the right time. And it is in just the right time that He will lift you up.

So, humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time, He will lift you up in honor. 1 Peter 5:6 (NLT)

If you are always in a hurry, you are asking for worry. Hurry usually means that you’re focused on position or status, worried about what people think over being able to show compassion or minister to others. You must live your life for Christ acting in the manner that He would. The acronym, WWJD, What Would Jesus Do, should apply for every action you carry out. When you focus on the world and what it would do, you lose sight of what is really important. It will always pay you to remember that no matter the circumstances that for those who follow the teachings of Christ, God will honor you either in this life or the next. He is waiting for just the right time.

Always the Right Time to be Christlike

It is His promise of blessings in just the right time that keeps you going. For God is not only able to bless you, He is willing. The only way to live life is to live it for Christ who saves you. If your life is filled with Him then not only will you receive blessings but in turn, you bless others. Above all, you must humbly obey God for it is in this that He lifts you up in honor.

Won’t you challenge yourself to seek God’s approval over man’s? Approach Him humbly knowing that He will honor you for doing so. Allow your convictions to overwhelm your life trusting Him no matter what the circumstances are. Live your life for His approval and not the world’s. Find both motivation and comfort in knowing that He loves and cares for you and by humbly following Him you will receive honor at just the right time.

In Christ,



Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.

Abraham Lincoln

Extra Study

Job 5:11, Matthew 23:12, James 4:10

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you want honor at just the right time? Have your found yourself in a hurry with your life to the point that you couldn’t minister or help others? Share your thoughts on how ministering to others is always ”just the right time.”

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