The Only Safety Plan that Guarantees Life

What’s Your Safety Plan?

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Did you have to run for safety this week? I run for safety every day and sometimes several times a day. Does it sound like I live a dangerous life? Perhaps, depending on what you consider dangerous because some days just getting out of bed can be an issue. Of course, there are some that just don’t seem to have the word safety in the plans of their life.

Just last month, reports surfaced that apparently the first person to ever survive a death-defying plunge into Niagara Falls without protection died after attempting to repeat the act, this time in an inflatable ball. The identified body of Kirk Jones, 53, was discovered in Lake Ontario by a fisherman. Jones, in 2003, survived the falls after jumping into the river with only the clothes on his back. According to local authorities, it is thought that Jones tried to go over the high falls around April 19th in an inflatable ball. The ball was found empty at the foot of the thundering water on that day but the body wasn’t found until recently. Jones’ safety plan either failed or wasn’t in existence.

We are often warned about having a safety plan in place yet many times we fail to yield to the warnings. I recently read that even on the mighty Niagara River that drops 180 feet at the American and Horseshoe Falls there are warning signs. Above the falls there are violent rapids placed by God’s nature. But prior to these rapids, where boats can still navigate, there is a bridge for pedestrians. It is said that there is a sign mounted to this bridge that asks, ”Do you have an anchor?” followed by a second sign that reads, ”Do you know how to use it?”

Always Heed the Warning

The safety plan of a Christian is also necessary for life. Not only do we need to hold knowledge of the plan we need to know how to put our anchor down and use it. This is the only way to avoid spiritual death and to safely navigate life on earth. Resting in the safety of God’s strength allows for the full confidence to face each day permitting nothing to shake us from the foundation we hold in Christ.

It is only within the safety of God’s protection that we are truly protected from the kingdom of darkness. People may harm us in many ways but through Christ, we are graciously set free and saved for eternity remaining safe from evil forever. When we have the safety plan of Christ in place, fear and worry can quickly fall by the wayside as we seek Him. Under the vast protection of Christ, we can hold tightly to no fear as we clearly know that God can and will make good from evil.

For it is for His honor and glory that we have life and purpose. And it is within His fortress and through our belief that we hold fast to the safety plan of eternity.

The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to Him and are safe. Proverbs 18:10 (NLT)

Implementing the Plan

You can trade all your fears for faith in Him no matter how intense those fears may be. By living and resting with Him you can then entrust yourself to His protection. For by pledging your devotion to Christ you are safe for eternity.

When fear grabs hold of you, turn first to God for He will calm you as you turn over your problems to Him. With a calm mind, you can move forward under the power He gives to help you, problem solve. Knowing that God is your protector strengthens your ability to keep moving forward through the situations of life.

Set your safety plan in place and take up the challenge to turn to God first knowing that He is always in full control. Allow your convictions to soothe your soul knowing that He will protect you. Find your motivation in knowing that He cares for you deeply and He is always looking out for your best interest. And lastly feel the comfort of knowing He has a plan for every situation in your life that you can possibly and will face. Won’t you set your safety plan in place by turning to Him who knows all, first?

In Christ’s Love,


Post script

The Lord is my light and my salvation ”“ so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble? Psalm 27:1 (NLT)

Extra Study

2 Samuel 22:2, Psalms 18:2, 61:3; 91:2

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