Seeing the Glory of God All Around You

What Have You Missed This Week?

Seeing the Glory - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageHave you rushed through this week? Did you miss seeing the glory of God that is all around you? Sometimes in our rush to move onto the next thing, we overlook the beauty of God’s holiness that surrounds us. Our response to the magnificent creations of God should be in constant awe. Yet, many times, we get so caught up in the immediate press of life missing His glory that is seen in the world He created. Perhaps it seems just too unbelievable to contemplate that God did indeed create the splendor we see and experience, much less attempt to share what we see with others. So, sometimes instead of just showing others what we see, we either keep it to ourselves or we try to explain it in a way they may understand better, which can often distort the reality.

Seeing the Miracles

This is what Danny, a nine-year-old boy, did in a story that was told by Charles Swindoll. One Sunday morning, Danny came rushing out of Sunday school like a wild buck. He ran looking for his mother or father as he rushed from place to place with his eyes darting in every direction. He finally located his Daddy and ran grabbing him by the leg yelling, ”Man, that story of Moses and all those people crossing the Red Sea was great!” His father looked down at him and smiled asking his son to tell him about it.

So, Danny began, ”Well the Israelites got out of Egypt but Pharaoh and his army chased after them. The Jews ran as fast as they could until they got to the Red Sea. The Egyptian Army got closer and closer so Moses got on his walkie-talkie and told the Israeli Air Force to bomb the Egyptians. While that was happening, the Israeli Navy built a pontoon bridge so the people could cross over. And they made it just in time!

Danny’s father shocked by the story Danny told asked, ”Is that the way you were taught the story?” ”Well, no, not exactly,” Danny admitted. ”But if I told you the way Mrs. Davis told us, you’d never believe it!”

Look Around and See His Existence

Is this the way we often react to the miraculous creations and experiences of God? In our advanced world do we too often seek only the black and white facts to explain or bridge over the splendor of God’s holiness? If we attempt to explain the splendor and beauty of God’s world with only scientific facts we lose in the translation the miraculous nature of His holiness.

Whether we push through life with blinders on or not, God still reveals His great power through nature. He created the beauty of the world to help remind us and declare His existence. The result should be in our acknowledgment of His glory and power causing us to worship Him above all else.

Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Psalm 29:2 (NKJV)

Gifts and Responsibilities

We should respond to God’s creation with wonder and amazement, knowing that when upon seeing the beauty in the world it is both a gift and a responsibility. The gift of creation can’t be experienced if we are in a constant hurry. It requires us to slow down: stop, look, and listen to the world around us. When we have experienced this gift of awesomeness we have a necessary responsibility to share it with others.

God reveals Himself in many ways but His great power is seen clearly in and through nature. In both the calm and the storms His glory is seen. This revelation should be both worshiped and trusted. For He, who creates all, has the power to give both strength and peace to weather the storms of life.

Challenge yourself to slow down and the see the splendor and power of God all around you. Find your conviction in His revealed power and glory through His creations in the world. Fueled through seeing His power find the motivation to share the glory of God with others. And feel the comfort of knowing that the almighty powerful God is all around you, in all things, and through all times.

Love in Christ,



In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

Extra Study

1 Chronicles, 16:28-29, Psalms 96:7 ”“ 9, Isaiah 6:3

Young, S. (2011). Jesus Calling. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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