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Summer Self-Defense

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The end of May is approaching, and Monday marks the unofficial pre-celebration of summer. This prompts me to think about some issues in which self-defense is needed. There are many things in which we can use protection, but when thinking about summer three things come immediately to mind. For along with the fun of summer, come extremely hot weather, sunburn, and insect bites that we can all use some self-defense with.

There is not a lot that can be done about the extreme weather temperatures except to stay hydrated, try to avoid being out in the highest temps of the day, and seek the shelter of cooler areas inside or within the shade. You certainly can find protection from the sun by simply staying out of it or wearing clothing that will not allow it to penetrate through to your skin. And although you may not be able to protect yourself from all insect bites, without subjecting yourself to some pretty harsh chemicals, there are some things that you can do. I recently read that if you plant lemongrass it offers some self-defense from mosquitoes as it deters them from the area. This prompted me to head off to my local nursery looking for these great smelling mosquito repelling plants.

So, today, in the cool of the morning, I took a friend and we explored a lovely place with luscious plants. As I looked for the coveted lemongrass to offer protection from the mosquito population, the nurseryman offered a few other plants, such as marigolds, citronella, and lavender, that his customers also claim work for self-defense against the ever- invading mosquito population. Since I was seeking full protection, I left with purchases of most all the suggestions along with a few other herbs.

Seeking Full Protection

Full protection is what we all would like to seek from a variety of potential problems, because if there is going to be a problem then we want to be ready. This reminds me of an old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. One day Calvin and Hobbes came marching into the living room where Calvin’s mother is sitting sipping her morning coffee. Calvin walks up to her wearing a cape around his neck, across his shoulder, and dragging the floor. His head is encased in what looks like a large space helmet and in one hand, he holds a flashlight while in the other; a baseball bat.

She looks up at her son and is both amused and amazed at what he is wearing. She dares to ask, “What’s up today?” Calvin replied, “Nothing, so far.” So, mother questions, “So, far?” “Well you never know,” Calvin says, “Something could happen today.” As Calvin marches out of the room he says, “And if anything does happen, by golly, I’m going to be ready for it!” Calvin’s mother looks off and says, “I need a suit like that!”

I think all of us would like a ready remedy of self-defense from most anything that life might throw at us whether the daily news, personal issues, or just plain old hot weather, sunburn, and mosquitoes. The world often seems unfriendly and sometimes violent. A suit that offers self-defense from all the woes of the world would help. Then, we can say with Calvin, “Whatever may come my way, I’m going to be ready for it! Bring it on!”

Christ’s Offers a Self-Defense Policy

It might not be a suit to wear, but Christ offers us a full self-defense protection policy with the peace given to us through the Holy Spirit. This is the peace that comes only from the gift of Jesus, giving us both the peace of mind and heart. It is not protection from conflict but the peace of confident assurance in any circumstance. For with His peace, there is no fear of the present or the future because it is secure.

The peace offered by Christ is granted through belief in Him in His promise of sending the Holy Spirit. Christ’s physical presence left earth after He ascended into heaven, but through the spiritual presence of the Holy Spirit, He still resides with us and is available to all people of the earth. Jesus promised the disciples that the Holy Spirit would help them remember His teaching and it is through their teaching that the confirmation and validity of the New Testament are witnessed. The confidence of the Gospels as accurate records of what Christ taught and did is further emphasized in 1 Corinthians 2:10 – 14.

The Holy Spirit helps us in the same way as the disciples, as we study the Bible, we can trust the Spirit to show us the truth and remind us of God’s will as we stray. It is through all of this that the peace of Christ is issued through heart and mind and that which allows us to feel fully protected from all present and future harm.

But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative ­– that is, the Holy Spirit – He will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.

John 14:26 (NLT)

Confident Protection with the Holy Spirit

Because of the Holy Spirit, we can be confident of our protection and face the future whatever it may hold. We can hold the peace of confident assurance through the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives no matter the circumstances. The first step to this full protection is to simply accept the peace of Christ that comes through belief in Him.

Through the acceptance of Christ and His peace, our stress-filled lives are exchanged by the Holy Spirit filling us with peace. It is a matter, as Rick Warren says, of Believing and Receiving.

Won’t you take the challenge to step out in faith accepting with confidence that Christ is the Son of God? Allow the Holy Spirit to offer you full protection of personal self-defense through the sacrifice given by Christ. Root your convictions in the confirmation of the Gospels’ accounts. Find motivation in knowing a confident peace is yours right here on earth which offers a shield of full protection; for both your present and future is secure with God. Surround yourself in comfort knowing you have a full armor of protection. Utilize the teachings of self-defense offered through the Holy Spirit given to you by the grace of God.

Happy Hot Weather and Summer Fun!

Love in Christ,



At their core, when things really matter, people see a need to turn to God for strength and protection.

Lee Greenwood

Extra Study

John 1:33; 15:26; 16:7; 20:22, 1 John 2:20,27

What Are Your Thoughts?

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