Shadow Singing: 4 Ways to Sing with Joy

Rotten Days

Singing in the Shadow - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageDid you have any rotten days recently? This is a day that begins in shadow. A day where you wake up to see that the bird singing outside your window is a buzzard. Maybe a day where you arrive to work, and your boss tells you not to bother to take off your coat. Perhaps a simpler rotten day like you accidentally put both contact lenses in the same eye. Whatever the issue may be, rotten days are bound to occur, and the perspective of their rottenness depends on the help you have in place.

With the right helper in place, there is joy found amid the shadows. You must, however, decide who exactly is flying the plane before you take off and face the possibilities of the rottenness of life. A flight student was flying a small plane when he hit the runway and bounced several times before stopping. The instructor said, ”That was a very bad landing you just made.” ”Me?” replied the student. ”I thought you were landing!”

When you have a helper to hold your hand to face a rotten day then you can not only stand firm in the shadow but sing while you are there. When you place God in control of your life you must allow Him to take full control, for with His help your rotten days in the shadow can produce some joyful singing.

No matter where you are, your desire should always be for God because only He satisfies fully and provides both provision and protection. Putting God in control of your life puts you safely in the co-pilots seat allowing you to fly along for the ride doing your part but not having to charge ahead into the storms alone.

Protection in the Shadow

Every obstacle is an opportunity for people of faith says, Jim Denison. When you change your perception of how you view the shadows of life you realize that for there to be a shadow there must first be light. When you change your perspective to see the trials of life in this manner the realization comes that God is in control and is always with you. This allows you to seek Him first when the day begins to rot. It is then that obstacles can be seen as opportunities.

Counting on Him instead of counting sheep when you can’t sleep is the first step in learning how to sing with joy in the shadow. As you review the ways, He has helped you in the past clarity comes helping you see how He is with you in the present. Furthermore, you can now see how He will be with you in the future. This is shadow singing at its best.

Because you are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 63:7 (NLT)

4 Ways to Sing for Joy

If you want to sing for joy in the shadow, you must first trust God fully knowing that He is always beside you. This is the underlying foundation that allows you to step out in faith and feel the secure protection of standing under His wing shadow. But if you want to sing while you are in His shadow then following the next 4 steps allows you to sing loudly and full of joy.

  1. It begins with the Past ”“ By choosing to remember the past and how He has seen you through the trials of the years you realize that you can indeed trust Him in the future.
  2. Listening ”“ The second step of shadow singing requires you to listen carefully to His Word. This means you to connect with His Word frequently, so you can learn that His promises do come to fruition. He does mean what He says.
  3. Obeying ”“ Once you have listened to His Word the next step comes from obeying the Words. God has clearly laid out the structure of obedience that must be followed.
  4. Praising ”“ This final step is the one that creates the song that burst forth from the shadows. It is the song of joy that comes from praising His promises.

It all boils down to trusting in God. Knowing that God stands willing to help you if you allow Him the control of your life. He loves you unconditionally and because of that, He will protect you in the shadows. You can sing because you have a God who has provided and given you everything, even His own Son, so that you may live.

Singing in the Shadows

Many years ago, there was a young woman by the name of Anne Steele. Through her life, she met one trial and disappointment after another. Her mother died when she was three, and when she was nineteen she suffered a severe hip injury that left her an invalid. Eventually, she fell in love became engaged to be married, but the day before her wedding her fiancé drowned.

Yet even with all the tragedies of her life, she found the ability to sing for joy in the shadows as she penned the song When I survey Life’s Varied Scenes upon her fiancé’s death:

Father, whate’er of earthly bliss Thy sovereign will denies,

Accepted at Thy throne of grace, let this petition rise:

Give me a calm, a thankful heart, from every murmur free!

The blessings of Thy grace impart and make me live to Thee.

Anne Steele learned to shadow sing through her trust in Christ. Her soul could sing giving praise to the almighty because she fully depended upon Him. Won’t you be challenged as Anne to sing for joy while resting in the shadow of His wing? Allow your convictions to burst forth in songs of praise releasing your soul to sing of just how great He is. Find your motivation in the darkness because it is in the darkness that the light is best seen. And know the comfort of resting in His arms under His wings of protection. Sing softly or sing loudly but let your joy be heard while trusting in His promises.

Love in Christ,



Always look to the light and the shadows will fall behind you.

Extra Study

Psalm 18:35, 33:20, 119:17, Philippians 4:12, James 1:2

What are Your Thoughts?

Have you sung in the shadows? Does joy have a place in your darkness? Share your thoughts on finding the joy to sing even in the darkness when you trust fully in God.

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