Being Still: Finding the Majesty of God

The Difficulty of Being Still

Studio 1-37's Be Still - Original Photograph - Early morning primroseDo you find it hard to just be still, listen for the quiet, and experience just existing? I am really bad at just sitting still and not doing anything but I am learning that it is in the stillness of the morning that I am closer to God. I seem to listen and focus better at this time than any other. It is during this time that I realize the true majesty of God and all that He is. I cherish this time I spend each day for it shows me the great importance of being still.

We live in a very busy, loud, and just plain noisy world. It seems the world has accepted this crazy pace of multitasking as the normal but there is a lot of research that clearly shows that doing several things at once just doesn’t work. There is a great importance and productivity to just being still and concentrating on one thing.

An architectural design company in Denver learned that by enforcing a quiet hour every day they gained two hours of normal working time. Every morning between the hours of ten and eleven no one at the company including the management and principals may communicate with anyone else inside or outside of the office. The phones are silent, the emails cease to be read or answered, and no one speaks to another. Instead everyone concentrates on their business’ work. This quiet hour of time has been so successful that employees wish they had more quiet and still hours as it gives them time to think and accomplish what needs to be done.

Being still allows our minds to concentrate on the important things in life. It is not a time for a nap, a rest for the weary, or a time to allow the mind to be totally idle. It is a time to focus and honor that which should be elevated and esteemed in our life.

It is important that we take time each day and just be still with God. By quieting our minds and focusing on Him we understand better the power of God and know that there is none greater. This week’s focus verse is found in the Psalms where we can learn that God is always there to help provide refuge, security, and peace. His power is complete and we know through Jesus Christ that the ultimate victory is won.

God will not fail to save those who love Him. Therefore, it is important to recognize God in the now, being still in a part of each day to honor Him who created everything and is all mighty. God’s power is complete and it is in being still that we can come to know Him better and understand His will as our relationship builds. For in the end all nations and the world will honor and recognize Him whether they chose to do so now or not. There are no threats just the power of God that can be best viewed in the stillness of life.

Be still and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world. Psalm 46:10 (NLT)

The Importance of Being Still

Powerful things are not always loud and crashing sometimes you can only experience and recognize greatness in being still. Elijah learned that God was not in the mighty winds of the storm, the tremble of the earthquake, or the heat of the blaze. Elijah found God in the quiet whisper that can only be heard when you are still.

This is why it is so important to take time each day and spend it just being still and honoring God. It may seem to outsiders that it is a waste of time but to your soul it will be the best time you spend during the entire day.

The world is too quick to take over your life so it is necessary to recognize and understand that God is the greatest thing the world has and it is of ultimate importance to treat Him as such. This requires you to keep your focus on God, His majesty, and His might not allowing the world to think it holds the power over your life.

Do you remember the times of telephone booths? It used to cost a dime to make a call when I was growing up, later it increased to a quarter, and now I am not sure if you can even find a pay phone as with the mass holders of cell phones it seems they are no longer needed. But I remember one night not too many years ago I found myself in the mountains with no cell service and car problems.

The sighting of an old but functioning phone booth was a great relief in the blackness of the night in the middle of nowhere. I was on my way to be with and comfort friends on the loss of their only son to suicide. I don’t remember the details of the car issue but I remember the stillness of the night and the comfort of its working light on the side of the road by a closed up gas station. To be able to see inside the phone booth at night you had to go in and close the door. Once you did this the light would illuminate the booth so you could see what you were doing. This tremendous comfort on this night of darkness on the side of the road brought great relief. For when I blocked the night world out by closing the door the light not only shined to show me my way to use the phone but gave me a sense of protection as I made my call.

Life can be like that too. When you decide to be still and connect with God by blocking out the busy, demanding, loud, and noisy world your life will be tremendously illuminated with the light of God. By honoring Him you will be in His presence and know that He will provide for you. It was a practice of Christ to go alone and be still with God sometimes after a busy day and sometimes before needing to go forward. In the stillness Jesus connected with God. By finding yourself still you can connect with God too.

Won’t you be challenged to set a time each day to honor God in the stillness by not allowing the world to lead your life? You can find yourself in the stillness being convicted in knowing that God is the most powerful thing in your life and the one thing that the world can’t remove no matter what losses you may experience. It is in knowing that He alone is the only one who can save and help you that should motivate you in taking the time to spend with Him each day.

Experience comfort and peace in being still with God, who wants to take the time to spend with you. Being still with your creator is the most important thing you can do each day to honor Him.

Love in Christ,



Show me the man you honor and I will know what kind of man you are, says Thomas Carlyle. But I say show the world who you honor by just being still and then everyone will know to who you belong.

Extra Study

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