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Afraid? – Know the Steps to Fight the Fears of Life

What are You Afraid Of?

Are You Afraid when the Water Roars? A Studio 1-37 Original ImageDo you ever find yourself afraid? Maybe you remember Adam’s response to God, ”Because, I was afraid?” It is said that the proclamation, ”Do not be afraid.”  is made in the scriptures almost 100 times. From the angels’ mouths, it came to Abraham, Moses, Mary, Joseph, and shepherds on a hill. We see the words written for Paul in jail, the women looking for Christ’s body at the tomb, and the disciples in a boat during a storm. It seems humans are constantly afraid and need assurance to move forward in life.

In the world of psychiatry, our fears seem to be unlimited. A Peanuts cartoon illustrates this best as Charlie Brown goes to Lucy for a nickel’s worth of psychiatric help. She looks to pinpoint his specific fear. She says, ”Perhaps, you have hypengyophobia, the fear of responsibility. Charlie Brown says no. Lucy then suggests ailurophobia, the fear of cats but Charlie Brown says no that it isn’t it either. So, Lucy says, well, maybe you have pantophobia, the fear of everything. Yes, says Charlie Brown, that is the one! Continue reading Afraid? – Know the Steps to Fight the Fears of Life