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Generosity – Shining the Light in the Darkness

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Do you consider yourself a generous person or a person that holds the characteristic of generosity? Perhaps we all like to think of ourselves as holding a generosity towards our fellow humans, but deep down do we hold back? Is our kindness balanced with generosity or do we become so overwhelmed with the hurts of the world that we do nothing because we feel we can’t do it all? Perhaps it is necessary to examine generosity closer. For true generosity is the kindness of giving largely of anything, not the giving of everything to everyone.

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Compassion: Rejoicing Over Heaven’s Touch

What’s the Level of Your Compassion Meter?

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Do you have a compassion meter? An internal indicator that alarms when you see people for people? Sometimes in our hasty world, it seems that we overlook the most important thing on earth – people. We set up rules, guidelines, or even selfish focuses that help us justify not seeing people for people. Our reasons may be based on our own hurts, being taken by a schemer or scammer in the past, or even the attitude that it isn’t our job or business to get involved because there are other entities to handle those situations. Sometimes we even justify our “hands-off” attitude because it is perceived that a person created their own problems, issues, or “tangle of mess” they are in. But even in these cases should we turn against them or shut our compassion meter off completely?

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Excuses – Give Them Up and Be Free

Traveling the Roads

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Do you ever look backward and then make excuses on why you are stumbling forward? Sometimes even with a loose goal set on the horizon, we tend to either get so focused on the future that we can’t see right in front of us or become discouraged and begin to look at where we came from. In both of these scenarios, we often create excuses on why we aren’t reaching our destination with successful journeying.

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Longing for Something More –

Always Wanting More

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It is now officially Summer and probably before too much time passes, we will find ourselves longing for Fall. A few weeks ago, it seemed that Summer came a bit too early with soaring temperatures and a lack of rain. I began having to water plants that were withering in the dryness and heat as I watched my lawn go from needing a weekly trim to no trim at all. My garden pond water was dropping daily, and it wasn’t long before my rainwater reserves were depleted. My concern grew as I didn’t want to have to pay the city for water to keep the pond levels up. And so, I began longing for rain.

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Navigating – Utilizing An Expert Guide

Navigating Life

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Navigating life is sometimes a rather tricky thing to do. What do you do when the unexpected occurs? Do you have a plan in place or a guide that you immediately turn to? Life, like the sea, can harbor dangerous hazards along the route and it is important to know experts that can help. This past week it was reported just how dangerous a day at the beach can be, even in situations where it is totally unexpected.

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Revealing the Spirit – Gentle Whispers and Roaring Winds

Waiting with Patience

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It seems like we are always waiting for the revealing of the next thing, whether the newest phone or other hottest gadget, the latest movie, or an author’s next book. We, humans, are an impatient group. Sometimes we get so caught up in the phenomenon of things revealing themselves to us that unless it comes with a startling revelation, we miss what is right in front of us. When we live life in this way, we miss the revealing of special things and the journey as we look impatiently to what is next.

This is often clearly seen in the revelations of nature. When winter is here, we long for the warmer temps and flowers of spring to come. When spring arrives, we can’t wait until summer and all of its fun comes but once here then we are ready for the cool crispness of fall. Nature is always revealing itself to us sometimes magnificently and other times quietly, but we must be watching and willing to wait patiently to see its elegant revealing.

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Proving Love – Actions that Speak Louder than Words

Love or Hate

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Have you spent your week proving your love to others? It seems if you look at the news lately it isn’t “love” that is being proven but “hate.” Sometimes it seems the actions of others treat hate as if it is an emotion that can’t be helped, a feeling that can’t be overcome. We try to justify it by saying we are just human and can’t help ourselves. All of this is a lie, but this lie becomes the excuse for the hatred. Because if we can’t help but hate, then it isn’t our fault.

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Follow Me – Staying the Course Despite It All

Follow the Leader

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Did you play the children’s game, Follow the Leader, as a child? The game where one child is placed in charge, as the “leader” of a line of children. It is a silly and fun game for children as each “leader” moves their body in some wild manner to get all of the other children to be just as silly. Yes, it is a fun game because eventually, everyone is able to play the part of the “leader.” I imagine that if the “leader” position did not change out periodically, most children would tire of the game quickly and perhaps revolt to go off and do their own thing.

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Probability – Changing Your Life for the Future

It is What It is or Is It?

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 “It is what it is!” Maybe you have heard or even used this phrase yourself for a situation in which you feel a sense of hopelessness, even though a changing action is always possible and with the right knowledge of probability preferably more positive. Life is full of uncertainty and randomness but with the proper employment of probability, we can face the challenges and move forward through making an informed judgment.

The Old Testament contains 60 major prophecies and 270 ramifications about the Messiah. Jesus fulfilled every one of these predictions. The study of probability tells us that Jesus fulfilling only 8 of the 60 major prophecies is 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000. Josh McDowell, in his book, More Than a Carpenter, puts these odds in perspective.

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Do More than Just Take Up Space!

Do More to be Fruitful

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It is about this time every year that I simply want to do more. This “do more” attitude usually arrives with the longer days, the first week of spring, and the glimpse of warmer weather. I get these grandiose ideas that I need to plant something that will bear a harvest of some sort. The idea of walking out in my back yard to pick delectable fresh things to eat is so appealing to me. Unfortunately, my soil isn’t great, the shade is thick, and well my stickability to make it through the hot and often dry summer, leaves my harvest something to only be imagined as it never seems to come to fruition.

It is usually by August that my “do more” attitude along with my plants starts drying up.  Sometimes even if they are still green, they just show no signs of producing any type of harvest. Gardening can certainly be frustrating when you try to do everything just as the books indicate yet yield plants that produce nothing more than taking up space.

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