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Unity – The Tie that Binds Offers Blessings to the World

Unity – Playing for the Same Team

Unity - Blessing the Tie that Binds - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

Do you have unity in your life? Are you united with not just your immediate family, friends, and local church congregation but do you cherish the unity you hold with other Christ believers? This week, my husband asked me if I was familiar with Ecclesiastes 4:12 and if I wasn’t to look it up. It was his morning devotion that day and he wanted my thoughts. So, I looked it up to see where he was going with this and realized that this verse was really about unity. Binding together with others to stand strong as a unit is the way God designed us to be. We are to be part of a team working together not for ourselves, but for God.

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Participation Required! – Preparing to Worship and Worship to Prepare

Super Bowl Participation?

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What is your participation role in an event? Do you simply sit back and watch the action, or do you become an active part of it? Many people in the US and other parts of the world will take on some type of participation role this Sunday, when the 53rd Super Bowl takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. Some will travel to watch and cheer on their team while others will gather with family and friends to root for their sport favorite.

The role of participation will vary going from one extreme to the other. There will be those that are so active they paint their faces, wear special clothing, and physically cheer on the teams, putting on quite a show themselves. While others will simply sit back and see what takes place in hopes that their team will bring home the title. Whatever role a person may take in this event requires some type of participation, even if it involves just sitting in a comfortable chair and turning on the television.

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Can What You Believe Change the World?

What Do You Believe?

Do you believe 1 Corinthians 1:10b - Let there be no divisions in the church. rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose? A studio 1-37 design of God's Holy Word.Have you read or listened to the news lately? Do you believe all that you read and hear? It seems every day there are more accusations put forth as the truth. There are so many contradicting statements it is difficult to discern who to believe. Political statements world-wide appear to consistently make bold and sometimes such outlandish statements it makes one ask”¦really? Continue reading Can What You Believe Change the World?