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Support: Whose Hands Are You In?

What’s Your Insurance Support?

Support - An Original Studio 1-37 imageDo you have a good support system? What is your insurance against the slippery sliding problems of life? Tim was a very nervous airline passenger. He began pacing the terminal as bad weather suddenly delayed his flight. As he walked, he came across a life insurance machine. For just $3 he could purchase a $100,000 policy in the unsettling event of an untimely death aboard his flight. He looked out the window at the threatening storm clouds and thought of his family at home. It seemed foolish to not invest in the coverage for the price offered so he inserted his money to complete the purchase. This provided some comfort for him, so he looked for a place to eat deciding on his favorite; Chinese food. It was a relaxing meal until he opened his fortune cookie that read, ”Your recent investment will pay big dividends.” Continue reading Support: Whose Hands Are You In?

Risk: The Greatest Calculation Begins and Ends with Simple Trust

The Language of Taking a Risk

Risk= Live Boldly with Trust - A Studio 1-37 original imageDo you consider yourself someone who is willing to take a risk? Dictionary.com defines risk in the form of a noun as the exposure to the greatest chance of injury, in other words a possibly dangerous chance. But as a verb the definition sounds a little less out of control as ”to venture upon or run the chance of.” In these terms of definitions, it seems that if you take a risk rather than receive a risk the odds seem more in your favor. So as you look back to this week did you take any risks or perhaps refused some? Continue reading Risk: The Greatest Calculation Begins and Ends with Simple Trust