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Rejoice – The Lost is Found

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Has your week given you something to rejoice about? Rejoicing is a strong word so although we may be grateful for many things that our days produce when we use the word rejoice it signifies something grander and fuller of joy. In fact, the word itself as defined is to show great joy or delight and has such synonyms such as ecstasy and rapture. It is a rare day for most of us when we would describe our day or an event as one to rejoice about, which make these moments all the more special and treasured.

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Participation Required! – Preparing to Worship and Worship to Prepare

Super Bowl Participation?

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What is your participation role in an event? Do you simply sit back and watch the action, or do you become an active part of it? Many people in the US and other parts of the world will take on some type of participation role this Sunday, when the 53rd Super Bowl takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. Some will travel to watch and cheer on their team while others will gather with family and friends to root for their sport favorite.

The role of participation will vary going from one extreme to the other. There will be those that are so active they paint their faces, wear special clothing, and physically cheer on the teams, putting on quite a show themselves. While others will simply sit back and see what takes place in hopes that their team will bring home the title. Whatever role a person may take in this event requires some type of participation, even if it involves just sitting in a comfortable chair and turning on the television.

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Winning and Cashing in on the True Ticket of Life

Holding the Winning Ticket

Cashing in on the Winning Ticket - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageHave you ever held the winning ticket? Maybe you don’t consider yourself a big winner but perhaps you are the past recipient of a gift basket or some other novel prize-winning? Unfortunately, I’ve never been much of a winner of prizes and certainly nothing of great value. It is fun, however, to be the one selected to hold the winning ticket. But if you don’t expect to be the winner, then like me, you probably just move on without a second thought. That must be what Yokasta Boyer of Clifton, NJ thought. Continue reading Winning and Cashing in on the True Ticket of Life