The Power of Crying Out to God!

He said, I cried out to the Lord in my great trouble, and He answered me. I called to you from the land of the dead and Lord, you heard me! Jonah 2:2 (NLT)

The Power of Crying Out!

Tea Olive Watercolor PrintI was crying out in delight to my neighbor the other day, about the most heavenly scent, floating around in my yard. I knew there must a Tea Olive tree blooming somewhere nearby. It wasn’t until later that I saw the tiny white blooms tightly packed on the branches of my Tea Olive, that had never bloomed. What joy those small delicious smelling blooms bring!

The Tea Olive tree has small flowers that grow directly from its branches and pack a huge punch in the fragrant flower category. They can bloom several times a year with their tiny white flowers that fill the air with a distinctive peach or orange like scent. The small blooms stand out in contrast to the dark, leathery evergreen foliage. But the thing that always amazes me is how such a small bloom can perfume the air from an incredible long distance. Usually when the odor of Tea Olives float in my yard, it is because a neighbor’s Tea Olives are blooming. This shrub of tiny blooming flowers can really get your nose’s attention.

It is amazing how small things can get our attention and really make an impact. We are very much like the minuscule blooms of the Tea Olive tree when we compare our small selves, to the great significance of God and all of His wonders. Yet with all of our insignificance, when we cry out in prayer, God hears and answers us. No matter that we are insignificant or if our cry is of nothing monumental, He hears us and listens when we call upon Him. Our cries or prayers to God are much like the Tea Olive tree; small but mighty with a punch to capture attention. And if we, like the Tea Olive’s blooms, cry out at the same time, what a tremendous impact that may be seen. It is so wonderful to know that no matter how low our circumstances or the trouble we may find ourselves in, God is listening and if we listen in return, following His purpose; He will help us.

God cares about us, loves us, and listens. He puts things in place to help and guide us, so we can fulfill our mission on earth. He is listening when we are crying out for ourselves or others and He always answers.

Our focus verse this week is from the story of Jonah. Maybe like Jonah, sometimes we find ourselves up against a wall or in the overwhelming circumstances of a ”fish belly”. Regardless of our situation, we can always cry out to God, as we have free access to Him and the liberty to offer a prayer to Him. Jonah found himself crying out from the depths of His soul. Believers, fill the Bible, who had the faith to know that only God could help. They also knew that when they cried out, He would listen. Paul and Silas prayed in the prison. Daniel prayed even with warnings not to. As Thomas Watson said, ”The angel fetched Peter out of prison, but it was prayer that fetched the angel.”

Are you crying out to God?

Have you cried out to God in the past? People, as a whole, tend to cry out to God when problems arise, either personal or global, trouble at home, with finances; for personal health or the health of others. There are in fact tons of different reasons that you can find yourself crying out to God. Isn’t it wonderful to know that He is listening to you, guiding you, and helping direct your path!

God wants and expects you to cry out to Him during all times. By depending on God every day whether your life has problems are not, is a sign of faith and trust. God should not have to place you in the belly of a fish before you cry out to Him, first. Trust that God will direct your way and listen for His answer. It is hard to go to a God you cannot see, but you must realize that trying to solve your own problems is a recipe for failure, as it is only through God that you will receive the help you need in order to fulfill your mission for Him.

Be challenged today to cry out to God, depending fully upon God. Know that He has your best interest always at hand, so be motivated to cry out to Him when you are in great need, but know that you can cry out to Him when life is not so harried too. Find comfort in knowing that your cries to God are powerful and full of meaning. Find both the power and comfort in knowing that God is always listening to you. Crying out to God isn’t a weakness, it is a major fulfillment of your mission.

The power of prayer is small and mighty like the beautiful fragrance of the tiny Tea Olive blossom. God is longing for you to call on Him for guidance and help. Cry out to God in all times and pack an individual punch or bunch together with many other believers and fragrant all of heaven with the mighty power of prayer.

Love in Christ,


Post Script

When we pray, remember:

1.The love of God that wants the best for us.
2. The wisdom of God that knows what is best for us.
3. The power of God that can accomplish it.

William Barclay, Prodigals and Those Who Love.

Extra Study

Psalm 18:4-6, 22:24

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