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The Trinity Mystery

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This Sunday represents Trinity Sunday. However, the mystery of the Trinity remains as unexplained today as it did centuries ago. Attempting to explain it only reduces God to something our small human minds can grasp. And, in this case, we lessen God’s greatness. God’s magnificent vastness boggles our minds and understanding to the point that we put it to the side or even dismiss it completely. The Trinity however remains both a divine and beautiful enigma. It captures our hearts and imaginations completely, which is why it lends itself fully to beauty and art. So, what exactly should we do with our wonder of our God who creates inspiration and awe within us? Is there a place that we should go and if so, who should share it with us?

Although the Trinity may remain aloof and not quite within the reach of our finite minds, the instructions given to us are quite the opposite. Our worship should be spilling over in abundance to the world around us. Worship is not reserved for only special days but every day and everywhere. If we look around us, during this last week, it is clear that the world is desperate to know God. God desires a community of goodness for all His people. So, we must seek to build communities that serve its members’ needs and support one another. When we look to the Trinity, we see an internal focus that must reach outward.

Transforming the World with the Trinity

Christ clearly instructs and reminds us that we aren’t looking after ourselves, but we are to transform the world. Determining how to combine the love of God, the hope of the redeemer, and the help of the Spirit into our communities though doesn’t seem like an easy task. One of the important things we, as both individuals and as the unified church, must remember is that worship doesn’t end on Sunday. Transforming the world is a large job that takes both individual believers and the collective group working together. If, however, our worship of God will not only spill but gush into our communities, a transformation is possible. Preparation is necessary but to change the world action must take place. Our first instructions are clear, GO!

Christ tells us in Matthew 28:18 – 20 that it is time to move. Hope was not lost with the death of Christ; hope was redirected fully with the resurrection. We learn from the disciples that we can still follow even if we don’t fully understand. Even failure provides a way to make “following” possible. Finished are the excuses for the paved road stands before each person everywhere. Jesus gives us 5 messages in His instructions; go, make, baptize, teach, and know.

From Go to Know: It’s not an Option

It is pretty clear, that going is not an option. He didn’t suggest we give it some thought and consideration. This is a command to all who call Jesus, Lord. And this second directive follows swiftly behind the first, as we are to make disciples. Each of us holds gifts that God created within us to help fulfill this great commission. Begone are our excuses. Disciple-making sounds rather complicated but only if we make it such. Because in its simplicity, it is creating relationships right where we are. This means supporting people in the world around us. It also requires our involvement in helping others see the world of love that God represents.

The next two directions support one another; baptize and teach. Baptizing others in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit sounds like something that perhaps everyone isn’t qualified to do but only if you look at it from a ceremonial point of view. Baptizing is at its root, asking others for a lifelong commitment to God. It is a celebration with the community of believers that allow a place for special words, symbols, rituals, and most importantly joy to transcend within the group of believers as a bond is formed between God, the believer, and the church community.

Teaching the new disciples along with the lifelong learning of all disciples is paramount with living and forming a closer relationship with God. Above all else is the basic commands to love our God above all else and then to love others as we love ourselves. It is with these 2 teachings that we have all the instruction we need to form healthy communities and we teach this through our actions.

The Strength to Change the World

It is this last one that keeps us moving forward and holding onto the strength that we can accomplish the directions before it, and this is to know. We must know and remember that He is always with us. This is the Trinity. The Holy Spirit brings His presence to each of us individually. It is through His presence that we can care for one another and we do this by knowing we are not alone. The mystery of the Trinity is not fully revealed to us, but it does fully engage our lives because we worship a fully engaged God.

The Trinity allows us to live fully for Christ, love our God, all while having the needed support to change our world. If we live calling Jesus, our Lord then we must live by His directions; going, forming lifelong connections to our communities, and teaching so we can celebrate and mourn together as we follow His commands to love one another knowing that He is always with us. The Trinity changes us individually, it changes the church, and most importantly; it changes the world.

The Blessing of the Trinity

Won’t you take the challenge today to live fully for Christ and change the world? Find your convictions rooted firmly in remembering Christ’s commandment to go, being motivated with the knowledge that He is with us every step of the way. Allow yourself to be surrounded in the comfort of hope that abounds for each believer, no matter what is happening in the world. However, do not let us forget that it is up to the church, which is not a building but God’s people, to help change the world. And that my, friends, will take each one of us working together.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

2 Corinthians 13:14 (NLT)

Love in Christ,



God does not change; He is Love, ever, and always. In Himself, He is communion, unity in Trinity, and all His words and works are directed to communion.

Pope Benedict IVI

Extra Study

Matthew 28: 16 – 20, Luke 24:47, Acts 1:8;2:38

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