What Commitments have You Given to God?

Commitment to God is so much easier to say than to do. Our mouths may say we commit all our actions to God but in our hearts we expect that we will handle this “thing” on our own. Perhaps it is something we are familiar with and know just ”how and what” to get it accomplished. Why should we bother God? He is busy just look at the mess the world is in. So this week we explore just how much of our life does God want us to commit? Should we commit just the “big stuff” or does he want the small too? This week’s Bible focus verse is Proverbs 16:3;

“Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” (NLT)

It is easy to publicly give lip service to God that we have committed what we are doing to the Him but it is much harder to truly commit with our hearts. We more readily commit the “big stuff” like our careers, family, and education. Those are easier to surface commit until we run into something we don’t like or that doesn’t go the way we think it should, like an unexpected illness or job loss. We can certainly see that we should truly commit the “big stuff” to God praying about it before we take action but what about the rest of our life. What about the “little stuff” we do day-to-day and week-to-week, should we commit those plans too? God says yes!

The problem comes with control. We want control of our lives the “big and small stuff”. The world tells us we are in control of our destiny; it tells us there is power in control. We see seemingly important people, who give all appearances that they are in control, successful, making their own way in life. We think we have it too, that success, as long as everything is going well. We think that we don’t need to bother God because we “got this” and we really think we are in control until there is a problem.  Once the issue arises we are looking for God on the backend because we need help and fast. Now we are in a mess and need God to help us clean it up where as if we have been in communication to begin with maybe the problem wouldn’t seem so overwhelming, maybe it wouldn’t even exist if we have listened and followed his will.

Fulltime communication with God however doesn’t give us a license to sit back and expect him to “handle it”. We must also remember that our commitment is a full balance between us and God with us trusting Him as if everything depended on Him and us working as if everything depended on us only. So we can’t sit back and think God is just going to “get it done” without us. We must do our part. This commitment is not just a proverb that appears once in scripture, as in both, Psalm 37:5 and 55:22 it tells us that we need to put our trust in the Lord, give it all to Him. He is never too busy for us even in what seems like the smallest of things. This is not to say we will not face trouble or problems but if we trust in God when troubles or problems arise we will be better able to handle them. And those seemingly important people who seem to have it all together, are they really in control? Maybe they have already committed their actions to God, maybe they haven’t and if the latter is the case then they have nowhere to turn when their problems come toppling down upon them. We however will have our stability grounded with God.

So if you feel overwhelmed suddenly with problems and issues that seem bigger than you, stop, and ask yourself did I give this to God? It is not too late to stop and give it to Him now. Whether our biggest issue is a sink full of dishes, cleaning out the garage, or we are facing a sudden loss of tragic proportions. The Bible tells us to commit all our tasks to the Lord first and then follow carefully as we plan.

Praying that you will find peace and joy in your life as you seek God’s will and commit whatever you are doing to Him. Have a great week.

Love in Christ,





How God is working through your life?