The Wonders of Christmas All Year Long

Are You Walking or Flying?

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Christmas and all of its wonders will be here in just a few more days. Hopefully, you have completed all the things on your ”to-do” list that enhances the meaning of the celebration for you and your family. As we move into the final days before Christmas and head into a New Year, have you reflected on whether you will be walking or flying into the next season?

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas celebration is the annual Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve put on by the children. Each year the children practice so they can portray that most magical night when Christ was born that brings us the greatest wonder of life. The children take their roles very seriously and little Anna is no exception. Dressed in her angel costume, complete with glittering wings, the director told her to come down the center aisle. In all seriousness of the dress rehearsal, Anna asked, ”Do you want me to walk or fly?”

Isn’t it a shame that most of us lose Anna’s attitude as the New Year turns over? Somehow the wonders and mystery of Christmas fizzle out as we move forward with our plans for the New Year. Our focus no longer seems to hold the spiritual celebration of Christmas as we settle into the simplicity of January and an entirely new list of things to do, most of which don’t seem very joyful.

The Wonders of a Host of Joy!

Peter Marshall is contributed to saying that ”When Christmas doesn’t make your heart swell up until it nearly bursts and fill your eyes with tears and make you all soft and warm inside then you will know that something inside of you is dead.” Maybe it is time for us to realize that we don’t need Santa at Christmas to be merry and full of joy. For it was on that first Christmas night that joy was so utterly overwhelming and tremendous that it escaped the bounds of heaven and jumped to the earth.

Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others ”“ the armies of heaven- praising God and saying, ”Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”

Luke 2:13 – 14 (NLT)

Christmas is joy. For it is because of the wonder of the birth of Christ that joy births again into our souls. The price that the newborn King paid for our sins opens the door to peace with God forever. It is only through His offering that new hearts of eternal joy exist. We cannot understand God until we understand that He is joy. Yes, the Bible clearly expresses the sorrows and anger of God, but they are only temporary responses to our fallen world. For the Bible also tells us that there is a day coming that the world will know nothing but the pure joy of the Lord. Joy is part of God’s basic character.

The Foundation of Christmas

It is through the wonders of it all, that joy becomes the foundation of Christmas. The multitudes of angels arrived to announce the joy to all the corners of the earth. There are many things about the traditions of Christmas that we attribute to joy. But when we approach Christmas with the idea that the trigger of joy arrives through trees, carols, cookies, parties, and presents then when the celebration ends so will the joy. However, when we look upon the wonders of God and in particular the wonder of the birth of Christ, the spirit of joy springs forth in our soul.

Before our planned celebrations come to an end this year, perhaps it is time to decide if we are going to walk or fly into the New Year. Maybe it is time to think like angels and praise the Lord constantly for what He’s done for us. This is done by honoring Him above all else as we obey His commands and do His will.

We can begin by taking the time to remember exactly why it is we celebrate Christmas. Allow our souls to steep in the joy that Christ indeed brings to the world because He came to earth. Believers hold the wonders of joy and all it entails because of what Christ did for us beginning with His birth. The wonders and mysteries of all that God does are because of His great love for each of us and that is cause for a celebration of joy every day.

Rethink Joy for Every Day!

Won’t you be challenged to find the wonders and joys of Christmas to carry you not just to the day of celebration but through every day? Find your convictions in all the promises God fulfilled in the past and yet continues to fill. Step forward with motivation in knowing that your God is a joyful and happy God who wants you to be just like Him. Surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that with the celebrations of joy come the wonders of peace for all eternity. When you approach Christmas with this knowledge its spirit irresistibly descends upon your soul to last beyond Christmas and carry through every day.

Merry Christmas!

Love in Christ,



Joy to the World, the Lord has Come.

Isaac Watts

Extra Study

Psalm 103:20, Isaiah 57:19, Luke 19:38, Revelation 5:11

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